Business Groups Formation

Step one of the Development process is introduction of the project and formation of business groups.

 Introductory Meetings

The process is first introduced to members of the Inner Council at the Umphakatsi.   Members of the Sigodzi Development Committee (SDC) and Chiefdom Development Committee(CDC) should be present in that meeting. The whole process is introduced to the Traditional Authorities (TA). It is emphasized in this meeting that all people should participate in the development regardless of their status in that particular community. Those who have no land, vulnerable or disadvantaged in the community should not be left out.  It is also emphasized that all people, regardless of their race, colour or sex, should participate in the development as long as that person is a known resident in the community.  Once the TA owns up and understand the process, they then give a lee way so that the process is introduced to the community at large, at sigodzi level.   The whole process of group formation is then introduced again to the community, this time at their tigodzi.  Members of the SDC and CDC play a crucial role in these meetings as they are the one who facilitate it.  The role of the development agency is to advise, educate and inform the community on what to look after as they form their business groups.

Once mobilisation is complete the group formation process begins as defined below.