The ESWADE was realised by Government in 1999, as the Swaziland Komati Project Enterprise (SKPE), an institution that was established to lead and coordinate a water based project in the Downstream Komati Basin. This project was intended to transform the Komati Basin and the livelihoods of the people there through intense agricultural activity. Successful coordination of this project saw birth of the now Eswatini Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (ESWADE), following an expanded mandate.

The focus is on mobilising people for development on Eswatini Nation Land and constructive use of water resources to stimulate food security, poverty alleviation and social invigoration in disadvantaged parts of the country

Our Objectives

  • Promoting participation of smallholder farmer organizations in irrigated commercial agriculture, as part of a poverty eradication program for rural areas.
  • Enhancing private sector development through the active participation of small and medium enterprises in agricultural development.

Corporate Statements

Our Vision

To attain new opportunities in the service provision of sustainable socio-economic development in the region


Empowering communities to improve their quality of life through projects in commercial agriculture and associated enterprises; providing innovative services in infrastructure development and management and to public and private entities.


We will continuously look for new ways to do things and introduce new methods to make our business and development processes more efficient. We will innovations by mapping existing processes and monitoring change - positive or negative in terms of cost and or time of delivery.

We will conduct our business dealings both internally and with external stakeholders with honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. We will conduct periodic surveys of our farmer clients and our development stakeholders to assess how trusted we are.

We will act correctly and in consideration of others at all times and we will hold each other accountable on delivery of our mandate.

We will strive for excellence in everything we do and will be courteous and fair to all partners.

We will use every opportunity to give others, within and outside the organization, more control and power to achieve more productive and sustainable lives.